Saturday, June 23, 2012


We could be receiving notice any day now that we have an appointment in Andriy's country with their social services department.

We are anxious (understandably), nervous and a little stressed out.

Andriy's room is coming together. He now has a bed and dresser. Thanks to my neighbor and my nephew that seems to be drinking Miracle Grow we have plenty of clothes for him. We need a few more items for his room and a new place to stash all the stuff in the closet (my personal place to shove things I don't know what to do with).

We have one more fundraiser that our Sunday School class is doing for us. We have a great class that has been so supportive. I've been trying to sell some things on craigslist that I know we really don't need to free up some money too. I am just about fundraised out, worn out and running out of ideas.

I'm trying not to get overwhelmed with all that has to be done in the next 3 or 4 weeks before we leave. The TO DO list is long and I keep adding things to it. People keep asking us how much more money do we need so I am going to get straight to the point. We are estimating that we need $4350 to cover our plane tickets. Ticket prices are outrageous to Europe right now because off the big soccer tournament going on now and the Olympics starting in late July. We have had very little money come in since I asked last and frankly I am tried of asking for money. I know everyone is strapped these days.

So here I am, asking again and trusting that God will provide very soon. I've seen him move mountains in the last month for my sister's adoption and I know He can do it again.

In the meantime we are keeping very busy with all our preparations and I'm hoping to have a few special days with Danielle since I am going to be away from my girl for 6 whole weeks. I know our family dynamic is going to change alot when I bring her new little brother home for good. I want her to understand that our love for her won't be divided. Our love gets multiplied.

Also, My sister and her family are over in Eastern Europe right now adopting their precious girl. I wanted to thank everyone that donated money and items for our giveaway to bring Taylor home.

Here is the happy family with their new little princess.

And let me tell you she is a princess. She is already a Daddy's girl and it is obvious she is her mother's daughter. She is a tomboy in a dress just like Mama. She loves dresses, flowers in her hair, dancing with Daddy and hunting for bugs. All of her playmates are boys and she keeps up with them and keeps them all in line too. HAHA!

We can't wait to have her home and get to know her.

And speaking of that. We may in traveling to get our boy while Nicole is still there to get Taylor. The kids are not in the same region so the chances we would happen to be in the capital at the same time are slim. But it's kinda neat to think we may be there a the same time getting our kids. I wonder what Andriy will think when he finds out he has a new girl cousin that is also from his native country. He will have one more buddy to speak Russian with and we are glad for 2 cousins and 2 friends nearby that he can spend time with. It's important for all of us that our kids don't lose their first language.

Please keep us in our prayers over the next few weeks. We really nave no guarantees on the dates of our travel. We will have to get ready to travel with very short notice and will need all of our funds at that time.

So we are trusting our Father's plan and coveting your prayers.


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