Monday, May 7, 2012

Papercuts and Dough!

God is so good! He has been providing for our adoption of Andriy in amazing ways. We are in the home stretch. At this time we are only waiting on our US Immigration approval to be able to submit our paperwork to his government. I am what people in adoption circles call "paper pregnant". There is no baby in my tummy. Our baby is 14 and lives half the world away. But we are having a boy and I have the papercuts to prove it.

Here is the dough part: Our adoption fund is only short about $4000. God has raised $24k for our adoption. YEP! You read that right!!!! $24,000 in less than 4 months.

Originally we had a goal of $26k. We are having to add a little bit more to that because there is a very high chance we will be traveling during a huge soccer (futbol) tournament that is going on in Kiev this summer and lasts several weeks.

Travel prices including accommodations have gone through the roof. Many hotels are charging 10 times their normal nightly rate. So we need a little extra just in case our time in Kiev coincides with the tournament. So our new goal is $4000. Also on that note we would love to stay with missionaries instead of a hotel (at this time most hotels and furnished apartment rentals are booked up anyway). We would be happy to pay them the normal hotel rate for their trouble. If you know of any missionaries that live in Kiev and you think would be willing to have Chris and I stay with them please share this post with them.

We are also no longer able to accept tax deductible donations and have maxed out how much money we can raise through Live4hope without it becoming a tax liability later. So I set up a Chipin button again here in this post and on the right side of our blog. The money will go through Paypal. We will have to pay a small fee. If you want us to avoid the fee you can send us a check directly. Just email me privately for our address.

I don't like writing "money" posts when we are asking money for something we are doing. But I know some folks wanted an update. I don't mind begging for money for other people's adoption funds (like my sister who is adopting again), adoption grants for waiting children, scholarships for orphan hosting or other people's missions trips. I hate asking for money for what we are doing and wish we had a money tree in back yard or were independently wealthy. But God knows our need and so far His provision has blown our socks off. So we are not at all worried or concerned about the need. God will provide in His timing and in His way. I have never heard of any family adopting that has had their adoption almost entirely funded within 4 months of starting. We are confident He will finish what He started. A few people have asked us our secret. Well we have no secret. God did all this. He moved hearts and checkbooks. Although we have held fundraisers and did a little work, He really did it and He moved the hearts of generous people including many people we do not even know. God gets the glory! AMEN!!!

We covet your prayers are we finalize our paperwork. Waiting for one envelope to come in the mail is hard. I always bend over and look into the back of the mailbox after I reach in and take the mail out. Hoping it's stuck in the back. Gosh - we are sooooooo close. Please pray that it comes soon.

Thank you for being on this journey with us. We feel so grateful for all the prayers and support. Our son is coming home soon.

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