Sunday, April 29, 2012

Let's Hear It For The Boys! Part 2

Orphan hosting is near and dear to my heart. So are teenagers. I love kids of all ages but after many years of youth ministry I have to say teenagers are still my favorites.

In the USA we live in a consumer culture that in many ways caters to teens. Advertising, music and TV programs target teens now more than any time in history. Teens want the latest gadgets, have the power to drive music sales through the roof and are a huge target audience for movies that feature sparkly vampires. American teens are also surrounded with endless possibilities for their futures. College, tech schools, military or entering the work force right out of school. Even in a tough economy young people in American still have so many choices and the chance at a really bright future.

In many other countries teens are surrounded with the same consumer and future choices American kids are. But in other countries that are very impoverished not so much. And then there are the orphaned teens. For many of them the future is pretty bleak. I've shared the stats before and they are pretty easy to find. Orphaned kids DO NOT have the kind of choices other kids have. In fact many are told they will amount to nothing, they are 2nd class citizens and nobody will ever love them. Some may have the chance to get some training in a trade. But even in those situations there are people who try to stop them from make a decent life for themselves. They are either ignored or exploited. Shunned or taken advantage of. Abandoned or lied to about a supposedly wonderful job opportunity that will most likely get them killed. Many end up on the street or getting tricked into the human trafficking trade. I heard just yesterday that human trafficking is a $56 billion dollar a year business. That is more than the drug trade.

So for my "Part 2" of this series I want to advocate for the teenage boys. They are so overlooked and I can tell you from experience there are a bunch of really terrific boys in the New Horizons for Children hosting program that would love to come stay with a family in American for 5 weeks this summer. I can tell you this because we hosted a 14 year old boy at Christmas time and we love him so much we are now making him a part of our family through adoption.

New Horizons for Children is an international hosting program that bring orphans from Eastern Europe to the USA for 5 weeks during the summer and winter. It is not an adoption program. Many of the kids are eligible for adoption. But you are not obligated to adopt. What you would be obligating yourself for is to care for them, make them a part of your family during that time, show them a fun summer in America, and share the love of God with them. The hosting program is open to Christian families.

Here are some photos of some of the boys:

This is Valters and Viesturs. They are brothers and need to be hosted together. They currently have a $1000 scholarship towards their hosting fees.

This is Jevgenijs and Aleksandrs. Also brothers that need to be hosted together. They currently have a scholarship of $750.

Aleksandrs is considered host only because he is already 16. He would love to come to America for summer. he likes Football and Basketball and understand some English already. He currently has a $500 scholarship.

This is Raivis. He has a $500 scholarship and is also considered host only because of his age.

Grisha has a $500 scholarship and would like to be hosted by a family with other kids.

Alexsandr has been hosted before and loved America. He would love to come back and has a $500 scholarship. He is a a "last chance child". This means he will be 16 soon and is running out of time to find his forever family.

This is Mykhalo. He is a little shy, but wants to come to American and hopes someone will teach him how to swim. He currently has a $250 scholarship.

There are so many more kids. This year NHFC has several older and younger boys, girls and sibling sets. They also have a few kids with special needs that need to be matched with just the right families.

There are only 5 days left to sign up for hosting. If you want to learn more about these boys or see some of the other kids that need a host home this summer please go here and fill out the short form. You will then receive an email with a link to the photolisting with all the children available for hosting.

If you decide you want to host then fill out the pre-application and you will be contacted by a representative in your region to help you place a child on hold or answer your questions. The cut off date to sign up is May 4th. The cost to host is $2950 (minus any scholarship that may be available). You can make payments.

Please consider hosting one of these wonderful kids this summer. This really is a chance to bring the mission field right to your home and minister to a child who may have no hope for their future. Loving and caring for these kids helps them see that they do have choices, they can have a bright future, they are loved and appreciated and that they may even have a chance to find a family of their own.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, how ironic that I came across your blog today after I had just finished looking through the children still available for hosting on New Horizons. If a family hosts siblings, do you know if the fee is $2950 per child or $2950 total for all siblings? I'll check back on your blog for a reply! Thanks so much!

Denise at One Little Starfish said...

Thank you. That is a great question. The first child is $2950 to host and each additional is $2850. NHFC has several sibling sets with scholarships right now to help offset the cost and also has a list of fundraising ideas.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I would have loved to do this; however, as it is only open to Christian households (though we do have our own faiths - interfaith household), I suppose the best we can do is hope and pray these children find host families ASAP. Have any of them been spoken for for the summertime since this posting? I hope so! :)

Denise at One Little Starfish said...

We do appreciate your prayers. The last three boys on the post are no longer available for hosting. Their deadline has past. Some orphanage directors give us a shorter deadline because they have to plan who to send to camp and who gets hosted. The other boys are still in need of homes. But we have until Friday, May 4th to find them.