Saturday, April 7, 2012

Erin and Bethany

Erin and Bethany are two very special sisters that need a forever family right away.

This is Erin.

This is Bethany.

Here is what their profile on Reece's Rainbow says:

"These beautiful sisters are available for adoption, TOGETHER! They have the same father, but different mothers.

Erin is the younger sister; she was born in December 2006. From her medical records: HIV clinical staging 4, delay of psychomotor and physical development. A missionary visited with her in February 2012: ” Pictures and words cannot describe just how beautiful Erin is! Her eyes are pale aqua and shine…she truly is a beauty. She seemed quiet and gentle. She watched me with curiosity and the odd glimmer of a smile. When I left on the last day she was in the garden and she suddenly became braver and shouted goodbye…my heart melted and all I wanted to do was run back scoop her up and hold her! I think Erin would make a truly amazing daughter.”

Bethany is the older sister, and was born in March, 2006. From her medical records: HIV clinical staging 3, delay of psychomotor and physical development, tuberculous primary complex. Bethany also has CP, she is in a wheelchair and is facing transfer to the mental institution. It is URGENT that we find an adoptive family for these girls, before they are separated forever. She is described as a very happy child, and is an orphanage favorite!"

Here is a short video clip with the girls in it. Erin is jumping and dancing around in a white top and denim skirt and Bethany is sitting in a chair behind her.

How can you help Erin and Bethany find a forever family? There are a few ways. First: Pray for a wonderful family to step forward and adopt these precious sisters so that they do not have to be separated. Second: Consider that you may be that family and inquire about them at Reece's Rainbow. Three: Advocate for Erin and Bethany by posting the link to this blog or their profile on Facebook, Twitter or email about them to friends that are praying about adopting or would advocate for them. Four: Donate to their adoption fund at Reece's Rainbow by clicking here.

I can't imagine how heartbroken they would if separated. Because Bethany is in a wheelchair there will come a time very soon that she will be sent to an institution. It's not fair. I know you agree. That's why we need to be their voice. Please pray, advocate, donate and help these girls find their Mama and Papa.

UPDATE: 4/23/2012

I just found out that a family has stepped forward for Erin and Bethany. As soon as I find out who they are I will post more info.

Thanks for all who prayed for these girls.

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Anonymous said...

Facial features of both girls are indicative of FASD - smooth philtrum on both girls, small eyes/creases on the younger girl.