Saturday, March 3, 2012

We didn't forget him

Andriy got a special visit from his Aunt Nicole (my sister) while she was in Ukraine last month. She got to go to his school to interview kids for the summer hosting program for New Horizons for Children. She also delivered gifts and letters from his Mama, Papa and other family members.

This is his sad face as he explained he thought we had forgotten all about him.

This is his happy face after receiving the gifts.

More smiles as he got lots of hugs from Aunt Nicole. I'm so blessed that now I'm going to have 2 kids that are big on hugging.

We could never forget our boy of course. But after a month of being back in his snow covered country he thought we had.

We are so thankful that Nicole was able to go there and deliver his presents and give him lots of hugs from his Ameriskansky family. We miss him so much. She was able to assure him that we still love him and have not forgotten him.

He wants us to call him. We tried to call the school office and ask for him one day last week. That was a major fail. I can only speak 4 words in Russian and none of those words would help me in that situation (Especially since one of those words in "poop" in Russian). So my bro-in-law and nephew are going to come over in the wee hours of some morning in the near future and help us try again. My nephew, Kolya is becoming quite a good interpreter.

So here is a final look at our boy in his native surroundings. He is carrying Aunt Nicole's suitcase to the car for her. What a little gentleman he is.

Gosh we miss him terribly. Please pray for him as he patiently waits for his Mama and Papa to come for him. We are going to write to him often and hopefully get to call too. We don't want him to lose hope. We are coming for him as soon as we can. Please pray for us as we go as fast as humanly possible to get all the paperwork done. Did I mention we miss him terribly?

I am reminded of the first Sunday we took Andriy to church while he was here. We sat in youth group and Pastor Aaron was preaching from John 14. Andriy was using the Russian Bible App on my phone and I set it on that chapter. Of course he didn't understand Pastor Aaron and so he just started reading the chapter. When He got to John 14:18 he kept reading it over and over and looking at me and then back at the verse.

John 14:18
“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you."

Hang on my precious child. We are coming.

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charlie & elaine said...

Made me cry, Denise. We are praying with you that it will be soon! Elaine & Charlie