Thursday, March 29, 2012

Halfway There!

Or somewhere near that anyway. Our Home Study is done. Our dossier is started. We are waiting on our letter from USCIS to find out when our biometrics appointment is and are you ready for it? Our adoption is over half way funded.


We have been blown away with the generosity of God's people. We have even received some large donations that are anonymous. So since we don't know who you all are, from the bottom of our hearts thank you, thank you, thank you. God loves our Andriy and wants him to have a family. That is so clear and He is providing. We are amazed and humbled to have such wonderful friends and family.

I've been meaning to tell you all of this for a couple of weeks now, but we have been blasted from all sides with drama after drama. Our adoption is moving full steam ahead and apparently we have attracted great attention from folks who want to help and also attention from the one who wants to make it all stop. We have been under attack the last 2 weeks. I can't even explain everything that has happened. It's just too overwhelming and some of it is super personal. But I will say we need prayer. Especially our daughter Danielle. She has been attacked mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Please pray for our precious girl. She loves Jesus so much, but with her learning disabilities her thinking gets so confused. I recently read this article that helped me with my perspective of it all. If you have a special needs child in your life please read it. If you feel like judging the children or parents of children with disabilities please read it.

Will Salvation Heal Brain Damage?

I guess the deceiver thought that while we were busy with the adoption that we would not notice that he was trying to hurt our girl. Well we noticed and we acted quickly. We are working on an alternative plan for her education. She is home with Mama. She seems to have so much more peace these last few days. I think she is actually relieved to be out of that negative environment called the public high school. It wasn't the special program she was in. In fact it was great and really tailored toward her abilities. It was the kids she just couldn't seem to stay away from. She was getting abused. Papa Bear and Mama Bear had to take action. Don't mess with our cub. Most likely she will be home schooled along with Andriy next year. She does not fully understand the plan yet. We don't either. But we know her days at public school are done. I thought middle schoolers could be awful. High school kids are worse. All I can say now is please pray for wisdom for us, her heart to be fully turned towards Jesus and her cooperation as we make these adjustments.

Wow! I needed to write this but was scared to. It's kinda private. But it's real. I know we are pretty good parents so I have nothing to hide. I have been judged alot over the years. I've gotten the strange looks and rude comments from people who refuse to take the time to understand her. Her brain was damaged long before I ever held her. Get over yourselves judgmental people. This is our life and I love my daughter will all her issues. God made her this way for a reason. I know some of you who read this have kids with special needs. I know you get it. I know you will pray for us. She is our first little starfish. She came close to washing back up on the shore. God is so much bigger than all of this and we trust that His plans will not be stopped.

So here we are. In the middle of this journey called adoption. Trying to minister to our very special daughter while we wait to go get our son. We want to make sure she knows how much we love her, that her safety and health are always at the forefront of our minds. She is not going to lose part of Mama and Papa through this adoption. She is gaining a little brother who already loves her and can't wait to come home and be here with her (and ride her bike). She was the one who talked Papa into hosting Andriy in the first place. Our little starfish wanted to rescue another starfish. She gets it. We are so proud of her. She has such a big heart and so much compassion for those who need the most help. We know God has an amazing plan for her life. For starters we know she is going to be the best big sister in the world.

She already has decided she is his hairstylist!

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