Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our son! Another Little Starfish.

Yep! You read it correctly. I wrote "our son". I think it was pretty obvious the first week that Andriy was here. He is our boy. So yes we are adopting Andriy. He just fits here with us. It's meant to be. He is our son. Period. End of line.

Here is our boy.

Yesterday we had to watch him leave to go back home to Ukraine. Honestly it was horrible. He cried, I cried, he tried to run back through the security line to us. He yelled "Mama" the whole time. I am so thankful that my sister was able to escort him (hold and actually had to restrain him) up to the security desk, which he grabbed hold of and had to be pulled away from. Once he was up to the metal detector he stopped yelling. He just put his head down. He only looked back at us once after that. Most of the other kids were crying too, but not like our boy. Why was he having such a hard time? He is a 14 year old the size (and maturity) of an 11 year old. He gets beat up by the bigger boys almost daily. His older brothers "graduated" from the "school" already. His protectors are gone. I wouldn't want to go back either. I wish we didn't have to send him back. I wish I could send him a personal bodyguard that looks like Mr. T to protect him until we can get there. We hated watching him go. It felt like a piece of my heart was getting on that plane. Chris held it together for Andriy and us women folk. My Mom, Chris' Mom, Danielle and I could not hold it together. Danielle was such a wreck she had to walk away. We didn't know where she was. I found her later being held by another host Mom. (Thanks Katie)

Here we are at the airport.

Here are the Collins and Dewberry Clans including Babushkas (Grandmas)and Sergiy who is also being adopted (my new nephew).

So now what. Well we are in information gathering mode right now. I plan to call the adoption attorney my sister uses tomorrow. We will be listening in on a conference call she has next Tuesday night. And we will be starting fundraising and looking into available grants we can apply for. There is absolutely no way we can afford an international adoption. The Lord will have to provide to make this happen. So we will get started and pray that in the end our son is home with us. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

So right now we are asking for more prayer. We have walked through this process twice with Nicole and Joe. So we have an idea of what we are getting ourselves into. We know the process is long, complicated and expensive. Andriy is completely worth it. God brought him to us at the last minute for a reason. We did not intend to host. It just sort of fell into our laps and we said yes. Deep down we both knew this could happen, but I don't think we had any idea that it would happen the way it did. We didn't know that a child could steal our hearts so fast. That he would instantly become a part of our little family. That it be so clear that we had to do something. He is 14. Time is running out for him.

Please especially pray for Andriy. He has gone home to a cold Ukraine winter and to a "boarding school" (orphanage) with bigger, meaner kids. We could not tell him that we were even considering adopting him. That would have been wrong (and against NHFC rules). It would be wrong to get his hopes up. We have no control over what may happen tomorrow and we could not make him any promises. When he was going through security I want so badly to shout that we were coming for him. All I could do was stand there and cry. So he has no idea what we are doing. All he has is his desire for a family, his love for us and a scrapbook full of photos of him with a family that told him every day for a month that they loved him. He made it very clear while here was here that he wanted us to adopt him. He would tell us several times a day and would usually break down crying. All we could do was hold him and tell him that we love him and understood what he was asking. We also told him that God has a plan for him and we are trusting God to fulfill that plan. We told him that God's plans are good and he needed to trust God too. We are hoping and praying that God will sustain him and protect him.


Mammato8 said...

Praying that your little starfish comes home soon! Love you guys...Amy

Susie Smith said...

Praying ; )

Susie Smith said...

Praying .......

Thea said...

Amazing and heartbreaking post. I will pray for your boy and for your family in the adoption process. I am so happy you aren't letting anything get in your way of getting him. Please keep me updated on all your fund raising. This can happen. It HAS to,....he's your son.

Callie @ The Wannabe Athlete said...

My mom sent me the link to your blog today and my heart is full of admiration and hope for you and your family. I can't imagine how difficult saying goodbye must have been, but I believe in a God who sets the lonely in families. I'll be praying that His plan is accomplished without delay!

tnavilhon said...

Denise and Chris,
I love looking back a few years ago at both of you and seeing how God has worked in both of your lives! Im so excited for you and Im sure that God has plans for your little starfish in your lives. Im praying for strength ,patience, Hope and comfort for all of you! Im sure God is working and moving so that the Adoption goes through smoothly and that the Collins family will be complete!
I love reading your blogs!
Take Care!
Jeremiah 29:11> for all of you♥