Sunday, January 1, 2012

Andriy update.

I realize I have not done an Andriy update via the blog for 2 weeks. I have done small updates on Facebook, but really do need to tell you how he is doing and where we are at with him.

First: We are crazy about him. He fits here and we are praying hard about what to do about it.

Second: He is crazy about us too. He fits here and we are praying hard about what to do about it.

That's the Readers Digest version.

Here is the long version. He has made it clear in the last couple of days that he wants us to adopt him. On Friday night we took him ice skating. He had a terrific time and we are so proud of him. He was really hanging on to us at first but kept trying and eventually was skating on his own by the end of the session. He fell down alot but just got back up and kept skating. He is a tough kid physically. But emotionally he is not as tough. On the way home he sat in the van and quietly cried. Kuddos to Danielle for noticing in the darkness. She reached over and held his hand. Via Google Translate and with help from my nephew Kolya he told us that he doesn't want to go back to Ukraine and he wants us to come get him.

Of course we can't tell him that we are praying about adopting him. It would be wrong to tell him. It would be wrong to get his hopes up in case it did not work out. So we are just trying to have a great time with him, get to know him more and be ready for the meltdowns when he starts to cry about going home soon.

Here are some recent photos.

Helping Papa put Christmas lights on the house.

Christmas morning in front of our little Charlie Brown tree.

At a Hurricanes game with Papa. Now he is a hockey fan.

After his haircut. He wanted it all spikey.

You can see we have been having a bunch of fun. We've had some good down time too. I love this time of year when Chris and I get some time off work and Danielle gets time off school. It's nice to relax at home and having Andriy here to share of time off with really has been great. He has been having fun hanging out with some of the other kids in our neighborhood, riding Danielle's bike, going to the park with Chris and playing video games. He has made himself at home here. He has also done really great when we have had holiday get togethers with extended family. He has spent time at grandparents homes and getting to know my uncle and aunt. He gets along with everyone. We are so proud of Danielle. She has really taken to her role as big sister. She helps him with everything including fixing (spiking) his hair every morning.

Chris and I need prayer and wisdom. We would need divine financial intervention to not only be able to do an international adoption but also to add an additional family member once he is here. We are really frugal and try hard to stretch our dollars already. We would covet your prayers for us. We don't know what God's plan is, but do know we love Andriy and want him to have a forever family as soon as possible. We know that it was no accident that he ended up in our home at the last minute. We had no intention of hosting and suddenly we were saying yes. We have so much to consider and pray about. Please pray for us.

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