Thursday, December 8, 2011

We're taking the hosting plunge!!!!!

Yep! That's right! After helping my sister with New Horizons For Children stuff for the last year we ended up becoming an emergency back-up host family.

Andriy will be coming this Tuesday night. All the orphans in this program are from Ukraine and Latvia. Andriy is Ukrainian. He just turned 14 and was scheduled to be hosted by another family. This family had hosted him last summer, but they had a medical emergency come up.

It all happened very fast. We heard about the situation on Sunday afternoon and by the time we went to bed that night we were committed to be his host family.

Here is Andriy.

Isn't he adorable?

We are pretty excited and a bit nervous too. Danielle is on Cloud 9 at the thought that she will finally have a "sibling" even though it's temporary. He may be expecting to be hosted by the same family again and he won't know until shortly before he gets here he is stuck with us. We hope he will accept that he will be with us and not them.

We are trusting in God's sovereign plan. There is a reason he is with us. We are not really sure why since we have no intention of doing an international adoption at this time. We just finished our foster parent classes and will be starting our home study on Monday. We are going forward with our plans to become foster parents in our county. We plan to foster infants and toddlers and were in the process of turning our extra room into a nursery. We were graciously offered a bed to borrow for the month. We only had a crib and dresser/changing table for the room. We also are borrowing a bike.

Here is what we know about Andriy so far. He loves chicken and is not a picky eater. Corn dogs are his new favorite food. He loves to ride a bike, play soccer and play video games. He gets along well with other kids. He was overwhelmed (as you can imagine) with all the choices in stores while he was hosted last summer. He doesn't speak much English (we don't speak any Russian). He is very small for his age. (The Momma Grizzly Bear in me already wonders if he gets picked on.) He really wants to be adopted.

Here are some prayer requests as we get ready for him to come.

That all the kids would have safe travel to the U.S.

That Andriy would accept us as his host family.

That he would feel comfortable and safe in our home.

That he would sleep well while here. He is not used to sleeping alone in a room.

That Andriy would be open and receptive to the Gospel. We are going to ask a Ukrainian pastor for help with this because of the language barrier.

That he would feel loved and a part of our family.

That we will be able to communicate with him well using a translation program and Russian dictionary.

That God would continue to provide what we need to care for him (we were totally not prepared for a guest).

That God would provide just the right family to adopt Andriy.

That he would have the best Christmas ever.

That's it for now. I'm sure once he gets here I will have so much more for you to pray about. We so appreciate all the encouragement and prayers so far.


Danny, April and Coby said...

So excited for you guys! Will definitely be praying for this little man and can't wait to meet him!

The Lotts said...

We are praying!! Merry Christmas!!

Joe, Nicole & Kolya said...

Love you niece! He is gonna love ya all. Gee look at could he go wrong. He is a larger version of him! LOL!