Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shopping for a cause

If you are like me you are overwhelmed with all the gift giving/buying choices we have at Christmas. For the last few years my husband Chris and I have been trying to make sure some of our gift spending money go towards worthy causes that are dear to our hearts. The last few years we have made donations to World Vision on behalf of extended family members and I can tell you that every time that person has told us that they thought it was a great idea and they were glad we didn't spend the money on more stuff they didn't need. So we plan to do that again.

This year we also have several friends and acquaintances that are in the middle of the adoption process. Some of these families are having fundraisers that include really great items that would make great gifts. So we decided to take a look at those fundraisers and see if we can stretch our holiday gift dollars a little further by participating. We also purchased a Christmas tree from one family in our community that is adopting a little girl with special needs. We do not know the family, but know of them through friends.

So why am I bring this up? No - I don't want a pat on the back. I want to share as many of those fundraisers as I can with others so you have the opportunity to participate also as you shop. Some of the fundraisers are also raffles you can win. So I am going to start listing the ones I know of here. If you know of one that you don't see please shoot me an email with the info (web link) and I will add it.

Get ready. There are alot of links here.

The McCoy Family - 25% of sales ending Monday (12/5) go towards their adoption of orphans in Ukraine. This was a home party I attended today, but Amanda is graciously extending it and giving the McCoy's her entire profit. Thirty-One sells beautiful bags, purses and accessories. Way to go Amanda. You may need to put "McCoy adoption" on the online order to make sure Amanda knows you are ordering from the McCoy's party.

Here is the link

The McCoy's also have a gift basket business and all the profits go towards their adoption. The baskets are beautiful and full of great stuff. There is a basket for just about everyone on your list. Check out their website here:

Here is the link to their blog if you want to follow their adoption:

Reece's Rainbow families - Christmas Shopping "Orphan No More" Style.
Check out the Reece's Rainbow blog for a list of families that are adopting. There are parties, raffles, coffee, bread dough, homemade items and even some Kindles and iPads listed here. WOW! Check out the list at . Disclaimer: I do not personally know any of the Reece's Rainbow families but am including them because RR is near and dear to my heart and these families must be super cool since they are willing to adopt a child with special needs.

You can also get involved in Reece's Rainbows Angel Tree program here

The Dewberry Family - The Dewberrys are adopting again! Their first son, Kolya is a very talented artist and he loves to skateboard. He is designing really awesome graphics and Mom & Dad are helping him put them on custom skateboards. All the profits will go towards the adoption of his new brother Sergiy. Here is their website:

Here is the Dewberry's adoption blog. If you click on "How you can help" you will see their other fundraisers which include Survivor Bracelets and Note Cards made by Nicole and Kolya and a beautiful ladies Helzberg Diamond Pearl bracelet they are raffling off.

The Lewis Family - They are adopting 2 boys from Africa. They are also selling Survivor Bracelets and Stationary made by their kids. Here is the link:

#5 The Kochies Family - They are adopting a sweet boy named Ruslan. They have a few fundraisers going on. The first is coffee sales . Then they are selling these really great t-shirts that promote adoption and they are also going to have a day at Monkey Joes in Cary, NC coming up. Here is the info link

That's all I have for now. I really want to add more. If you are fundraising for your adoption or know of a family who is please send me the link to their blog or website that specifically has their fundraising info (what they are selling or raffling) and I will add it to the list. You can email me at

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