Friday, December 16, 2011

A Few Wild Days

It's been a whirlwind since Andriy arrived. We spent the first full day all together. Chris and I stayed home from work and we let our daughter skip school (gasp) so we start to help him feel welcome. I knew he would sleep in Wednesday morning and I'm glad he didn't wake up to find only me here.

After breakfast he played outside with Chris and Danielle: riding bikes, skateboarding and on the scooter. They had the soccer ball out too. They had a blast. We had a nice little visit with Chris' parents. Then we went sneaker shopping. After 4 stores we realized they just don't make light up shoes in his size. He had his heart set on them. So we ended up back at the 1st store and he settled on a pair with neon yellow and silver reflective stripes. So at least he will still stand out at night.

The next day he went to work with me. Work for me consists of watching a very active 3 year old so we all went outside and played and played and played some more. Then we piled in my van and drove to my sisters (3 year old in tow) and played some more. Except for about an hour he literally played outside all day from dawn till dusk. Wow it must be nice to have that kind of energy. I ended up with a migraine apparently from having too much fun. But other than that it was a pretty great day.

Today we kept it a little more low key. Andriy and I visited an international market and picked a few items familiar to him including a super yummy chocolate bar which he happily shared with Mama. (BTW - He is calling us Mama and Papa) Then we drove downtown and found Papa so Andriy could see the big truck Papa drives. It's pretty obvious that he really loves his Papa already. Melt!

I'm looking forward to more wildness tomorrow.

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